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D.C. Power Supply D.C. Power Supply Rectifier High Voltage DC Power Supplier D.C. Power Supply


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D.C. Power Supply Rectifier High Voltage DC Power Supplier
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D.C. Power Supply
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D.C. Power Supply (Rectifier)

D.C. Power Supply (Rectifier)
With Its easy convertibility from one voltage to another A.C. (Alternating Current) reigns supreme in the generation transmission and distribution Systems. Yet DC (Direct Current)/ DC power supplies for Electroplating Plants, Electro chemical plants, Copper, Aluminium & Zinc Refining all requires modest Voltage and high DC current. DC power is also required in other Industrial processes like Hydrogenation & Electrolysis. Such continuous Power Industries look for a 'Reliable' economical and trouble free form of DC Power supply Systems. 'Reliable' offers a complete range of Rectifier Equipments for all such application and provides Engineering, Design and Technical support in choosing the right solution / Equipment.
we provide high quality products like D.C. Power Supply, D.C. Power Supply Rectifier, High Voltage DC Power Supplier a solution for DC Power supply Systems for Industry.

Applications Salient Features General Specifications
AC Input Voltage 380/440 volts
Phase 3
Frequency 50 Hz
Customization High Voltage Input up to 11 KV
DC Output Voltage 8,12,16, 24 volts, 50 volts, 100 volts
Current 0-20 KA
Customization Power Systems up to 20 KA and voltages up to 500 V DC are available.

D.C. Power Supply (Rectifier)

Efficiency : Reliable'S Power Supplies are highly efficient with typically efficiency between 85-95% depending upon the DC voltage of the Unit.

Power Factor :  90% Rated output.

Rating :  All components are rated as a standard for 100% continuous full load service in an ambient Temperature of 50°C.

Temperature :  'Reliable' design its systems for a maximum rise of temperature of 35°C at the top of the oil with an ambient temperature of 50°C.

D.C. Power Supplies
D.C. Power Supplies

Inner View Of The Rectifer Unit
(Separate Regulator)
Inner View Of The Rectifer Unit (Separate Regulator)

D.C. Power Supplies With Separate Regulator & Free Standing Control Panel (For Remote Controlling)
D.C. Power Supplies With Separate Regulator & Free Standing Control Panel (For Remote Controlling)
Standard Features
Design : Our Sales/Design Engineers are available to work with you to meet all of your product requirements. All components are designed to provide 100% continuous full load operation.

Electronics : Our precision Electronics are designed and manufactured to provide  proven  stable  operation  with ±  5.0%  voltage/current  regulation throughout the nominal range from 10%-100% of DC output.

Winding Material : Splice free, electrolytically pure copper

Core Material : Low Loss, High quality, Grain Oriented Silicon Steel provides good flux and low eddy current losses

Insulation Material : 'A' Class Insulation is used for ONAN systems.

Process : The coils are vacuum impregnated by Varnish and then baked to cure. Varnishing provides additional electromechanical Strength. All coils are wound for stress distribution under fault conditions to provide superior mechanical strength.

Cooling : 'Reliable' supplies are designed for optimum low loss/efficient operation and employ specially designed natural oil cooling to remove the heat generated during operation.

Controls : The  following  are  examples  of  typically  required  Control configurations. 'Reliable'is committed to working with each Customer on an individual basis to ensure your Control requirements are satisfied. Semiconductors : 'Reliable' selects its semiconductors with an appropriate 200% safety factor to provide the ultimate in reliability. This design criterion limits the junction temperature of semiconductor to typically less than 800 C , thus enhancing the life of the equipment.

MS Shell : The enclosure i.e. mild steel steels are fabricated with 8/10/12 SWG HR sheets. The requisite supports along with seam welded cooling fins are provided to dissipate the heat produced. The housing is checked for leakage with pressure testing. The job is then paint finished inside and outside by degreasing and acid resistant Epoxy Paint. Standard Paint will be BS Grey. Change of shade on request.

Ripple : Standard 6 pulse DC Rectifier will contain less than 5% RMS AC Ripple when operated at Rated Voltage and Current.

Training : Reliable’s service Engineer may instruct our customer’s operator and Maintenance personnel during the commissioning /start of the unit or during final test at our works. This can be operational training and / or full Maintenance repair training.

Spare Parts : 'Reliable' maintains a considerable spare parts inventory and has the appropriate factory approved spare parts on hand and ready for your use to assure maximum uptime of your process. Reliable’s power supplies are designed for decades of trouble free performance when the installation and maintenance guidelines contained in the service manual are followed.

D.C. BUS BAR : 'Reliable' uses Electrolytically pure Copper/ Aluminium bus bar exclusively in our rectifier systems. Bus Block with bolted joints and flexible connections are designed to minimize bus losses and to match the client’s application requirement. The laminated bus structure designed maintain a low bus impedance and low voltage over shoot.

Quality Control
Each piece of equipment we build is rigorously tested and put through a systematic quality control examination prior to dispatch. Our test facility utilize state of art equipment to verify that the Power Supply you receive is exactly what you ordered. Our staff of highly competent test technicians performs a full range of operational and functional testing and maintains complete documentation of all test procedures and results. Prior to dispatch/ shipment a final quality control inspection is performed.

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IGBT Rectifier

IGBT Rectifier

RELIABLE'S make IGBT Rectifiers are designed to meet industrial application requirements. An insulated –Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) uses relatively high frequency switching and pulse width modulation (PWM) technology for voltage and current regulation whilst a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) uses relatively low frequency switching and phase shift technology.

RELIABLE'S make IGBT based Rectifiers are smaller in size and lighter in weight, more energy efficient and more cost effective compared to SCR & Rolling contact type Technology.

Application Field :
The IGBT Rectifier is used for Plating, Anodizing, Electro polishing, Electrolysis, Electro winning, Electro Refining, Tinning, Electronic Cleaning, Pickling, Surface Coloring, Cathode Protection.

Heating :
Water Treatment :
Technical Specification :
Input Voltage 3 Phase, AC 380V, 480V, 415V, 220V ±10%, 50 -60Hz.
Output DC Voltage Up to 400V
Output DC Current Up to 20000Amps.
Protection Class IP31, on request up to IP44
Efficiency ≥90% @ rated output
Power Factor ≥0.93 @ rated output
Ambient Temp. Max. 50˚C (Water Cooling)
Max. 40˚C (Forced Air Cooling)
Cooling Water or forced Air Cooling
Regulation Range Stepless at constant voltage or current 0-100%
Control Precision Voltage / current less than 0.5%
Duty Ratio Continuous operation at rated loads up to 2000m altitude
Control Mode Constant Current / Voltage /Power
Operation Mode Local/ remote
Relative Humidity 15% -85% RH
Interface RS485, RS232, MODBUS TPC, Profibus-DP, Profinet, Analogue 0-10V, Analogue 4-2OmA
Parallel Connection No Limit
HMI Touch Panel or Digital Meters / buttons

Protection Features :
Overheat, Output over voltage / under voltage, Output over current, Output short circuit, Cooling water pressure.

Typical Rectifier Types :
Cooling Specification Structure Size (L x W x H)
Water Cooling 12V/1000Amps. Module 450 x 500 x 230mm
Water Cooling 12V/2000Amps. Module 460 x 630 x 310mm
Water Cooling 12V/3000Amps. Module 460 x 630 x 310mm
Water Cooling 12V/5000Amps. Non Module 580 x 1050 x 1630 mm
Water Cooling 12V/10000Amps. Non Module 580 x 1050 x 1630 mm
Air Cooling 15V/600Amps. Module 450 x 560 x 300 mm

Air Cooling

15V/1000Amps. Module 450 x 560 x 300 mm
Air Cooling 15V/3000Amps. Non Module 700 x 650 x 845 mm

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